Jemuel Chadwick who performs under MN Cappo, is a hip hop artist, music producer and audio engineer from Canberra, Australia. Born in France and moving to Australia at the age of 10, MN Cappo found love for hip hop when his older brother introduced him to the radio in his teenage years, which inspired him to become a hip hop dancer.

His love for dancing eventually died out when he started writing lyrics in the last of his school years, inspired by Australian artists such as Kerser, 360, Seth Sentry, and MCs from the 90s such as Nas, Rakim, Big Pun and The Notorious B.I.G.

Though learning English was challenging for a ten year old with a learning disability, years of sharpening the pen allowed MN Cappo to broaden his vocabulary and explore the world of wordplay, poetry, and clever conscious rap lyrics.

MN Cappo has performed at various venues including The Sydney Opera House in 2022, Opening for Terror Reid at Kambri, Canberra in 2022, and touring around Victorian schools with Timomatic in 2018. He also received the 2022 Arts & Multimedia Award at the Young Canberra Citizen of the Year Awards Ceremony.

MN Cappo is passionate about creating music which connects with hip hop lovers. Facilitating hip hop workshops for the past 6 years has really inspired him to give back to the young music community and inspire other artists to pursue their dream.

The young MC is hungry for what is next to come including an Album in the works.

"Hip hop music has made a big impact on my life"

“Though the journey is not always easy, I am blessed to be able to live off doing what I love. Hip Hop has made a huge impact on me as a person. 

From expressing myself through lyrics, to inspiring others to do the same, to creating full-time music production business (NewBorn Noise), Hip Hop my biggest passion.”

Live at The Sydney Opera House 2022
Facilitating the Thursday Hip Hop Workshop 2023
The Young Canberra of the Year Awards 2022
Touring Victorian Schools with Timomatic 2018